Omer Kahalon


Over the past 15 years Omer Kahalon has become one of the largest and most influential DJs and producers in the music industry. Over the years Omer has been a headlining artist on the biggest stages in the world.

On his resume you’ll find international gigs in the US, Europe and east Asia, headlining festivals such as ‘Funjoya’, and playing shows alongside A-list artists and rappers like Tyga. However, big stages aren’t his only expertise. For the past 8 years, weddings and private events are where he truly shines. These events have bestowed Omer the opportunity to shares his love for music on a more personal note. As a result, Omer is one of the leading wedding DJs today.

His talent and experience are second to none. But what truly sets Omer apart is his ability to create a unique and personal bond with his crowd. Omer’s ability to read the crowd and masterfully play the right track in the exact right moment is what puts him in a league of his own.

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